Most concentrated liquid humate that improves soil moisture and nutrient retention, reduces nutrient lock-up in the soil, helps the development of better soil structures and stimulates plant root growth and soil biological activity.

Throughout the growing season to improve uptake of nutrients by plants and to promote microbial activity. If possible, apply OROMATE K26™ shortly before or after fertilizer applications.

Between 10 to 20 liters per hectare per growing season is effective. If possible, four applications of 5 liters / hectare each spread over the growing season is better than one application of 20 liters / hectare. Dilute OROMATE K26™ with water before application. Band application is more effective than broadcast application.

OROMATE K26™ is good for all types of crops and soils, from sandy soils to heavy clays. It improves nutrient and water retention, leading to more vigorous plant growth and, in the longer term, better soil structures.

It is better to keep the same level of fertilizer and aim for better plant growth and greater crop yield. Reducing fertilizers will not help sustain the increased plant growth needed to get greater crop yield.

Better nutrient uptake and plant growth have been observed within a few weeks and will continue through the growing season with regular applications of OROMATE K26™. Effects on physical properties of soils will generally take longer.

OROMATE K26™is best to be apply on its own, where possible, to minimize risk of incompatibility. Due to the high reactivity of OROMATE K26™ and many of the agricultural chemicals (insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and fertilizers), adverse reactions can occur particularly when the solution pH is acidic or contains calcium or phosphate. OROMATE K26™ is compatible with UAN solutions. When mixing with other chemistry, test for compatibility with a small quantity prior to application.

You can find more information related to Humates on OMNIA NUTRIOLOGYTM website.

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