ORO AGRI, a proud member of the Rovensa group, is delighted to present our newest biostimulant portfolio product OROBAC™ 100.

OROBAC™ 100 is a mixture of 5 strains of non-GMO, soil-borne, naturally occurring plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) that colonize the plant root area and improve soil health, rectifying the imbalance caused by conventional farming methods. OROBAC™ 100 is a result of extensive research, numerous years of trial data and strict agronomic selection of the bacillus strains to ensure a premium quality product with maximum field performance.

This product adds an extra solution to our environmentally friendly portfolio range that is safe for both user and environment and will provide an effective, yet a residue-free solution to our clients. OROBAC™ 100 is now available in Croatia, United Kingdom and The Netherlands, but we are working hard to have this product available in our entire region shortly.

To be able to clarify any of your questions ORO AGRI prepared a FAQ brochure that gives you an excellent overview of OROBAC™ 100 that you can now find in our website Literature pages.

To know more about OROBAC™ 100 and other products from ORO AGRI, please visit our website Product portfolio, or contact your local ORO AGRI representative.