OROMATE K26® authorized in France:

Oro Agri International Ltd, a member of the OMNIA group, is proud to announce that OROMATE K26 is now authorized in France.
OROMATE K26 is a highly concentrated source of humic acids that are sourced and produced in Australia. Additionally, it contains fulvic acids and Potassium and is rich in organic carbon and mineral substances essential to plant growth. OROMATE K26 improves soil moisture and nutrient retention, reduces nutrient lock-up in the soil, helps the development of better soil structures and stimulates plant root growth and soil biological activity.
ANSES, the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety, confirms and recognizes the appropriateness of the product OROMATE K26, marketed under the responsibility of ORO AGRI, with the Registration Number (AMM) 1200542, based on mutual recognition according to the authorization of OROMATE K26 in Portugal.
More information regarding this Certificate will be available on the ANSES website (https://www.anses.fr/fr).
OROMATE K26 is already available in other countries such as Italy, Spain, Portugal, The United Kingdom, Croatia, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, and Slovakia.
To know more about OROMATE K26 and other products from ORO AGRI please visit our product webpage at www.oroagri.eu/service/biostimulants or contact your local ORO AGRI representative.