ORO AGRI Europe is currently interviewing for Business Development & Technical Support positions in the following regions:

  • Northern Italy
  • Northern Spain
  • Southern Germany
  • France

ORO AGRI, part of the OMNIA Group of companies, develops, manufactures and distributes agricultural “soft chemistry” products which fall under the organic, sustainable or environmentally friendly categories and are distributed internationally to more than 80 countries.

ORO AGRI labels include PREV-AM – an ORANGE OIL active based BIOPESTICIDE comprising Insecticide, fungicide and miticide all-in-one; TRANSFORMER – Soil conditioner; WETCIT – Adjuvant; and FERTICOATORO-MATE 26 and OROBAC-P biostimulants.

Business development and technical support position

1. Scope of position offered.

Candidate will provide technical assistance, market and product development support to existing and new customers. Position will involve product development, training of distributor sales team and promoting ORO AGRI products to distributors, growers, consultants, universities and facilitate growth in the region.

2. Candidate requirements

  • English speaking
  • Agricultural degree and field experience, especially in grapevines.
  • Excellent communication skills – written, verbal, presentation
  • Strong computer skills
  • Self-motivated
  • Organizational skills
  • Understanding customer needs and importance of distinctive value proposition
  • Interpretation of field trial data and use for product advice and technical support
  • Analytical thinking
  • Knowledge of both plant protection and bio-stimulants
  • Local regulatory knowledge a bonus

3. Marketing & Sales Responsibilities

  • Promotion of ORO AGRI products to current customer sales team and
  • Training of users regarding use of ORO products
  • Develop market with new distribution for biostimulant range
  • Assist local customer sales teams in marketing efforts Ie. Tradeshows, grower meetings
  • Keep ORO and local customer informed regarding competitors’ activities
  • Establish and/or update marketing information in local language as
  • Sales and marketing support for new

4. Technical support

  • Assist with monitoring of field trials
  • Liaising with ORO AGRI and local customer salespeople, local growers, associations etc. to manage assignments and
  • Assessing the effects of agrochemicals and other agricultural inputs to the identified
  • Sample analysis and data
  • Sample collection for internal
  • Report
  • Assist with translations where
  • Provide technical support with regards to sales training and promotion
  • Market surveys as
  • Support Regulatory Affairs as needed.
  • Co-ordinate and manage all technical aspects of product development
  • Follow up and address any technical Q & A of ORO AGRI products with customers/distributors.

5. Critical knowledge and experience

  • IPM and BIOPESTICIDE programs
  • BIOSTIMULANT knowledge
  • Understanding of the role / value of technical information in a commercial environment
  • In-depth crop & product knowledge
  • Relationships with key national

6. Miscellaneous Requirements

  • Travel
  • Multiple languages and strong computer skills required

Oro Agri offers competitive salaries based on experience plus car, computer, cell phone etc.

ORO AGRI is an equal employment opportunity employer. All applicants will be considered without regard to their race, color, religion, sex, age, disability, national origin, sexual orientation, genetic information, gender identity, veteran status or other legally protected status.

For consideration, please submit your CV to