Oro Agri EU at Tomatoworld launch of OROGANIC

Oro Agri Europe participated in an official launch for OROGANIC in The Netherlands yesterday at Tomatoworld in Honselersdijk. Guest speakers were Helma Verberkt, program manager for Plantgezondheid LTO Glaskracht, who spoke about grower needs for more products in the industry and Ike Vlielander who has been a long time user of Oro products throughout the globe. Our Benelux manager Martien Melissant provided an update of the current label for OROGANIC and plans to expand the label to include the same crop/pest combinations as PREV-AM. PREV-AM (aka PREV-AM plus and OROCIDE), has been approved in the Southern zone for more than 5 years and includes more than 88 crops pest combinations as an insecticide, fungicide, and acaricide on a myriad of crops. We thank all for their valuable contribution and look forward to OROGANIC registrations being updated to provide growers in the central zone the same success currently being experienced with PREV-AM users in the southern zone of Europe.

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