Oro Agri Europe

ORO AGRI Group has several patented technologies: OROWET® technology encompasses a unique blend of cold-pressed orange oil, proprietary surfactants, and other ingredients. Orange Oil is sourced from the citrus industry and is, therefore, a completely renewable resource. It has a wide array of concentration-dependent applications.

TransPhloemtechnology, combined with the superior spreading and penetrating properties of ORO AGRI’s proprietary adjuvants, can accelerate the movement of active ingredients and nutrients into a plant’s phloem for translocation throughout the plant thereby boosting performance. TransPhloem technology with systemic herbicides can give you a better return on your herbicide program investment.

Oro Agri Europe

ORO AGRI’s pesticide products are ideally suited for Integrated Production and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs focused on reducing chemical residues on edible crops.

Our biopesticides have low impact on beneficial organisms, short or no pre-harvest and re-entry intervals. Our biopesticides also require no special storage requirements, are easy to use and have an immediate knock-down effect.

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