Oro Agri Products PREV-AM


BIOPESTICIDE with the active substance Orange Oil is an insecticide, fungicide and acaricide all-in-one. PREV-AM is not persistent in the environment, it has demonstrated low mortality on tested non-target organisms and is therefore ideally suited for IPM and sustainable programs.





New Insecticide/Acaricide based on orange oil, an active substance of natural origin, has recently been approved by CTGB in The Netherlands. The product is authorized for the cultivation of Tomato, Paprika, Cucurbitaceae (cucumbers) and Ornamentals (cut-flowers) in Glasshouses/Greenhouses.

OROGANIC physical mode of action prevents resistance can be formed to the active ingredient, so it can be used frequently against insects, and can even solve possible resistances to other active substance used on the spray program.


The Netherlands

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