Fertilizer Nutrients


Boron (B) is an essential micro-nutrient for plant growth and development. Foliar applications of 2.1% Boron fertilizer with superior surfactant package ensures excellent wetting and spreading properties to improve uptake by plant.


Magnesium (Mg) plays an important role in the formation of chlorophyll and in photosynthesis and is essential throughout all stages of plant growth. A liquid magnesium foliar fertilizer combined with a superior surfactant package for optimum absorption of macro-nutrient by leaves. Foliar applications of 5.25% Magnesium Sulphate fertilizer with surfactant package ensures excellent wetting and spreading properties


Zinc (Zn) and Manganese (Mn) are integral to citrus and plant health in general. Zinc (Zn) is essential for the transformation of carbohydrates and regulating sugars while Manganese (Mn) facilitates enzyme systems involved in breakdown of carbohydrates, and nitrogen metabolism. This product is a foliar applied 2.3% Zn +1.1% fertilizer with surfactant package for excellent wetting and spreading properties and ensuring easy absorption through leaves..

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