Wetcit NEO


WETCIT NEO® is an adjuvant with a unique combination of ingredients (ORONEO® Technology) that drastically reduces the surface tension of water, producing uniform droplets of the mixture when applied. WETCIT NEO is designed for use in tank mixtures with most agrochemicals registered for use in agriculture, horticulture and turf production. WETCIT NEO will enhance the wetting, spreading and penetration properties. It will also extend the coverage of the spray combinations into hard to reach areas. Specially good on water repellent plant surfaces and crops with dense foliage.


ORONEO® technology comprehends a unique blend of botanical oils, proprietary surfactants and other ingredients. Our plant-based solvents are cold-pressed and extracted from a by-product of the agricultural industry and are, therefore, a completely renewable and natural resource.

This extraction method provides highly stable solvents that are safer for the farmer, plants and the environment. They allow for a wide variety of tank mixes compatible with our adjuvant portfolio.



Multi-purpose adjuvant which functions as both wetting agent and penetrant, depending on use rate. It can be used with insecticides, acaricides/miticides, fungicides, herbicides, defoliants, plant growth regulators and foliar fertilizers.

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Multi-purpose adjuvant boosted with Magnesium Oxide. Magnesium (Mg) is essential for the production of chlorophyll and photosynthesis.

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OROBOOST® is an adjuvant, formulated specifically to make organic herbicides, insecticides, miticides, fungicides and foliar nutrients work better. In addition to improving spreading, wetting and penetration, OROBOOST is built with the proprietary TransPhloemTM technology that accelerates input translocation throughout plants, including roots, to deliver active ingredients for quicker and better results.

A University of Illinois study concluded that OROBOOST-treated applications are absorbed into the leaf more quickly, and move a greater percentage of the systemic pesticide to the roots faster than pesticide alone. OROBOOST also provides versatility through mix rates that allow you to control where and how your inputs are delivered on, or in, plants.

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