Oro Agri Europe Literature - Grape Trial Results

The Grape Trial Results Guide

Contents: PREV-AM® WETCIT™ Contact: T: +31 50 820 04 11 E: info-eu@oroagri.rovensa.com PREV-AM IS BENEFICIAL FRIENDLY The following international trials illustrate classification as soft on bees, parasitoids, and predators. For more information please see our individual trials. [dflip id="3560" ][/dflip]
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Oro Agri Pome Fruit Application Guide

Pome Fruit Application Guide

Contents: WETCIT™ Guide Apple spray guide Spray coverage Crop safety Contact: T: +31 50 820 04 11 E: info-eu@oroagri.rovensa.com WETCIT™ is a superior wetting agent and penetrator designed for use in tank mixtures with most crop protection products registered for use in agriculture, horticulture and turf production. WETCIT will enhance the spreading, the extending and penetration [...]
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