Oro Agri EU Oromate k26 CAEE2


Oro Agri Europe, a member of the OMNIA group, is proud to announce that OROMATE K26 is now authorized for organic farming in Spain.

OROMATE K26 is a highly concentrated source of humic acids that are sourced and produced in Australia. Additionally, it contains fulvic acids and Potassium and it is rich in organic carbon and mineral substances essential to plant growth. OROMATE K26 improves soil moisture and nutrient retention, reduces nutrient lock-up in the soil, helps the development of better soil structures and stimulates plant root growth and soil biological activity.

CAAE as an authorized control body operating in the European Union, in application of the control plan defined in CAAE´s standards for Inspection and Evaluation of Inputs (PGT-02 / IN), to verify conformity of these inputs as products suitable for use in organic production according to Regulation (EC) 834/2007 on organic production and labeling of organic products (and its development standards) and the certification system based on assessment and sampling, confirms and recognizes the appropriateness of the product OROMATE K26, marketed under the responsibility of ORO AGRI, with the CERTIFICATE OF CONFORMITY OF EU INPUTS.

CAAE is the certification body specialized in Organic Production that certifies more hectares in Europe counting more than 1,000,000 hectares certified until now.

Since 1991, CAAE provides certification and control services for the agri-food sector. There is no doubt the role that CAAE has played in the development of Organic Production, contributing to the professionalization and enhancement of Certified Organic Products in Spain.

More information regarding this Certificate will be available on the CAAE website or their APP Inputs CAAE.


To know more about OROMATE K26™  and other products from ORO AGRI please visit our product webpage at www.oroagri.eu or contact your local ORO AGRI representative.